"Here is a short introduction of myself and the services of Palm Projects. 
Check out some frequently asked questions and learn more about my daily work-life-style."

What exactly is Palm Projects?

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Palm Projects is the name of a freelancer within the sectors Marketing, Event- & Project Management. Focusing on Modern Marketing & Event Expertise, Palm Projects was founded early 2017.

Who is the face behind Palm Projects?

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My name is Marco Kuegle, born in 1989, music maker, event enthusiast, travel tourist, life lover, fashion fan, action-sport advocator & bohemian. The name Palm Projects combines all these characteristics with business.

Why did you decide to become a freelancer?

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In my opinion working as a freelancer is a very effective way of business. The win-win situation for both parties benefits my work, especially when the project-team pulls together.

Where is your home base?

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Based in the heart of Munich, I switch working-places between home office, agency offices, company offices or while traveling. I like the modern way of work and enjoy meeting new people at different places.

When should we work together?

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If you need input from another perspective outside of your company or support for a project, that your team lacks the expertise for.

Which kind of business do you do?

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"Even as a one-man-show you can offer a wide range of different services. 
The Palm Projects Guaranty: experience projects with a touch of premium & modernity."

Event Management

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#business: Anniversary celebration, Conference, Congress, Fair, Gala dinner, Promotion
#culture: (Music) Festival, Sport event, Artist booking
Award, Fashion show, Product launch, Roadshow, Shop opening, Sponsoring
Private party, VIP service, Celebrity organisation


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#brandmarketing: brandless? I like pushing underrated brands and creating new identities.
no idea? Let's do a creative brainstorming session with extraordinary thoughts.
old fashioned? This new marketing model has some futuristic skills.
bad times? Pushing your products can be made with simple actions.

Project Management

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#budgeting: you are using FileMaker, Excel documents or internal tools? I can handle it.
#planning: projects have to be planned in advance with programs like Asana, Bitrix or Podio...
#supervision: working together with different service providers requires experienced control.
#teamleading: good vibes and a professional team leader are a part of successful projects.


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#meetings: meet your cosmopolitan clients in New York, Barcelona, Bangkok or Sydney...
#incentives: you won't get a proposal with the usual places, let's travel to "Neverland".
#conventions: even a congress can be organized with special moments and wow-effects.
#exhibitions: doesn't matter if fashion, art or business exhibition, I create your own CI-area.

Location Management

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#booking: I have some special rates and interesting deals with locations & hotels worldwide.
#connecting: let me be your sales person and connect to relevant agencies & companies.
#managing: I also support location's event departments for bookings & group requests.
#scouting: this is my hidden passion - doesn't matter if local or globally: I will surprise you.


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Check out my Teambuilding booklet and all the different possibilities - there is a lot you can build together with your team.